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Fellow member

The most prestigious member category. It showcases your professionalism and contribution to China - Sri Lankan relations.

The honourable title is given to a selected group of individuals per year. It is a category dedicated to diplomats, academics, experienced entrepreneurs and similar professionals.

This category is a limited membership capacity per year.

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Professional member

This membership is the intermediate level membership. It showcases your professional contribution in your area of interest, respectively, in China and Sri Lanka.

If you are applying as an entrepreneur or business owner, you must submit your business information. If you are applying as a professional, you must submit your educational or professional qualifications.

This category requires you to demonstrate an advocate knowledge in your area of interest.

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Organisational Member

The ideal membership category for organisations that wishes to have a collective membership for employees and stakeholders.

To qualify for this category, the organisation must meet the minimum requirement of 2 years of business experience with China / Sri Lanka (Depending on the applying country).

or at least 2 Member/ Fellow members from the above categories.

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Associate / Student member

The entry-level membership category of CSLEA is ideal for students and young entrepreneurs.

This membership is entry-level. It is an ideal membership for students, start-up owners and anyone interested in building a professional network in China and Sri Lanka.

If you are a student, you must prove your studentship by submitting relevant documents, and if you are an entrepreneur, you must at least present a business plan.

Membership evaluation process


Step 1

Determine your membership category.

Step 2

Fill the digital form and upload your relevant documents.

Step 3

Document check by the evaluation committee.

Step 4

Awarding the membership and dispatching the welcome pack.